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YWCA Metropolitan Sexual Support Services

YWCA Metropolitan Sexual Violence Support Services

Hotline: (888) 293-2080 Rape Crisis Hotline Information

DuPage Counseling: (630) 580-3128 Counseling and Case Management Information

If you wish to know more about all the services that the YWCA has to offer visit

*All services are free and confidential*

Are you in need of support as you navigate the criminal justice system? Please call an advocate at (630)-790-6600 ext. 4311

What is a Civil No Contact Order

A Civil No Contact Order may be obtained after an incident of unwanted sexual conduct and/or penetration in which the offending party knew the contact was unwanted. There are no prior relationship qualifications. The requirements to qualify for a Civil No Contact Order against another person are as follows:

  • The person you are filing against intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly engaged in non-consensual sexual conduct and/or penetration with you or a member of your immediate family/household.
  • Contact causes you to feel emotional distress.
  • The repeated and unwanted contact causes you reasonable apprehension regarding your personal safety or the safety of members of your immediate family/household.

Are you in need of assistance with Crime Victim’s CompensationSafe Homes ActVictim Economic Safety and Security ActTitle IX, and what other options are available to you? Please call an advocate at (630) 790-6600 ext. 4311 

Are you in need of counseling services? Please call (630)-580-3128 ext. 1407 to start trauma-informed services with a counselor that understands the dynamics of sexual violence.

Other quick-access resources: 

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